Gulls and Pardelas



When Michelangelo and Andrea were given that seagull with the broken wing, they could hardly think that it had recovery. A wing fracture is practically synonymous with a death sentence for a bird. Despite this, Miguel Angel operated and after more than a month between recovery and rehabilitation was released on March 14, 2016, as you can see in the exciting video posted on the youtube channel of Andrea gull release

Time passed and we had no news of it; it was possible that he had not survived his injury despite the good work done by Michelangelo and the excellent appearance on the day of his release, but we did not lose hope. And the good news came! on August 2, 2017 our friend was located by Rafael Palomo in Puerto Caleta de Vélez, in perfect health.

N: 4MT - 02/08/2017 (Photo: Rafael Palomo)

After seeing the photo, we had many doubts, would we have made a mistake and ring a gloomy yellow? It gave us the feeling that it was, and we asked Rafael if he had other photos and what his opinion was. As it took several days to answer, the controversy circulated and the majority opinion was that this copy was a fuscus. However, when Rafael's response arrived, he reaffirmed that he was a yellow-legged, and he sent us another photo that justified his position.

Photo: Rafael Palomo.

you can check that the plumage is not so dark and all the controversy is resolved. Curiously, against the posture of those who had only seen the images, the two people who watched the bird live were the only ones who had no doubt in the identification. Beware of the photos!

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And the thing does not end there. Swifts, sparrows, pigeons, jackdaws ... even a chicken of the Krab! A very hard year that has required many sacrifices ... But also many satisfactions! Especially every time we receive a recovery from one of our girls ... I leave a small sample of Andrea's work with the swifts (see Free Souls) and several seagulls who, at some point in their life, had to pass by the "corralito".

N: 1RR collected as fowl chicken almost able to fly in a house. We were warned by the owners because one of their parents had appeared dead. After a week in the corralito was released successfully in 2013.

N: 5JX, ringed as nest chicken on 06/02/2017, was delivered at the Miguel Angel Clinic with broken paw on 14 / 06/2017. It was operated and was successfully released on 06/07/2017.

N: 1PA, our beloved "Plumitas", was picked up on the street when it was barely a week old. Raised by an individual until he was taken to the corralito, he was successfully released in 2013.

N: 1UH, "Cut face". Picked up with a nylon around the beak that left a scar on his cheek. It was successfully released in 2013.

I could continue to put examples for hours, but I think with this small sample is demonstrated the effectiveness of the work done by our veterinarian Miguel Angel and his surpassing student Andrea, serve these letters as recognition of their work. The "daughters of the corralito" will be eternally grateful to you.