Uber's self-driving cars were struggling before Arizona crash

Uber's self-driving cars were struggling before Arizona crash

Uber's self-driving cars were struggling before Arizona crash

Police have released few details about the accident that occurred on Sunday night in Tempe, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, while the SUV was driving in autonomous mode. "Uber was struggling to meet its target of 13 miles between intervention" in Arizona, according to the article.

"There are more unexpected traffic scenarios in Taiwan than in the USA, which is why we need to establish a more controlled environment for driverless cars", he said.

And there also was pressure to live up to a goal to offer a driverless auto service by the end of the year and to impress top executives.

Because of Sunday's fatality, Uber has temporarily halted its self-driving operations in all cities where it's been testing its vehicles, including Tempe, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto.

In California, the drivers must have completed a test driver training program by the company they work for, not have any at-fault collisions resulting in injury or death on their driving record and be clean of any citations for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the past decade.

Uber has been testing its self-driving cars in a regulatory vacuum in Arizona. She keeps looking down at something for several seconds in the moments before the crash.

When self-driving auto companies test their cars on the open road they measure the vehicles' success and improvement on a number of factors.

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Uber grounded all of its test vehicles while the USA transportation officials investigate the crash.

"So as we develop self-driving technology, safety is our primary concern every step of the way", Uber said. We will provide updated information regarding the investigation once it is available. After the Tempe crash, Gov. Doug Ducey, who lured the companies to the state with a promise of minimal regulation, warned against jumping to conclusions.

The Uber vehicle was in an autonomous mode when the accident happened. The CEO was expected to visit Arizona next month to take a ride in one of the company's driverless cars, but that trip has been canceled due to scheduling, according to the Times.

It was bad news for Uber that when a self-driving auto first killed someone on a public road, the vehicle belonged to the struggling San Francisco ride-sharing firm. They wanted to take him on a ride without human interventions to demonstrate that the cars could handle so-called edge cases, tricky road situations that are hard to predict.

"Although this video isn't the full picture, it strongly suggests a failure by Uber's automated driving system and a lack of due care by Uber's driver (and by the victim)", said Smith, a professor of law at the University of SC.

Timothy Carone, an associate teaching professor at Notre Dame University's Mendoza College of Business whose research specialties include artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, said the question is whether Uber did enough testing before sending robot cars out onto streets alongside humans.

Job boards are filled with listings for safety drivers.