Alibaba's automated auto vending machine for Ford goes live in China

Alibaba's automated auto vending machine for Ford goes live in China

Alibaba's automated auto vending machine for Ford goes live in China

They merely visit the machine to pick up and test drive the vehicle of their choice, which can be done in minutes.

The vehicle vending machine isn't a permanent service.

In order to push New Retail, Alibaba has partnered with a slew of auto companies including Renault and Maserati.

Yep, April Fool's is less than a week away we'll grant you that, but Ford has teamed up with China's equivalent of Amazon, Alibaba, and made a giant vending machine that spits out Ford automobiles, such as the Mondeo and Explorer models, according to Gasgoo. The source says potential customers will have to pay some fees, depending on whether they want just to drive the auto or are planning to buy a vehicle.

Alibaba has introduced a vehicle vending machine on Tmall, its online marketplace application, which allows consumers in China to choose from 100 Ford cars for a test drive. They then take a selfie with the app, which is used to confirm their booking at the test-drive centre.

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People with a score of 700 or above - which is considered a "very respectable" social credit in China - won't be required to pay fees to use the service, the site says.

"If we lengthen the duration of test-drives, consumers can make buying decisions with more confidence and ease", Cao said. Those with high scores in the system benefit from lower tax rates, more financial opportunities and other benefits like free test drives from the Ford vending machine. This market report is emerging source of market data which provides the strategic Beverage Vending Machine market analysis with key factors impacting the current market.

Alibaba has said it seeks to "make buying cars as easy as buying a can of Coke" with this novel sales model, and that it replaces "tense negotiations with salespeople" with "a tap on the touchscreen of your mobile phone". The vending machine, which is five stories tall, is now located at that city but the companies plan to bring at least two more to other cities. The vending machine debuted with 60 cars on display, including Ferraris and Lamborghinis. While sales growth last year slowed considerably to 3% year-on-year from the 13.6% seen in 2016, carmakers in the US and Europe have been shifting strategies to attract consumers in a country that still accounts for 30% of total global auto sales.

In case a buyer is not satisfied with their selection, they can also take out one other vehicle.