Where could Kim Jong Un meet Donald Trump?

Where could Kim Jong Un meet Donald Trump?

Where could Kim Jong Un meet Donald Trump?

A visit to the Chinese capital by mysterious train has fueled speculation that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un carried out secret talks with China's government.

There was no official word from Chinese or South Korean officials - or from North Korea, which in years past routinely announced visits to Beijing by Kim's late father, Kim Jong Il, only after he had come and gone.

If confirmed, it would mark Kim's first trip overseas since coming to power in 2011 and signal an intriguing twist in a rapid diplomatic thaw that has opened the door to separate summits between Kim and the presidents of South Korea and the United States.

South Korea's presidential office Cheong Wa Dae on Tuesday was also unable to confirm reports of Kim's Beijing trip, saying it has yet to identify the presence of a top North Korean official there, but is leaving "all possibilities" open.

Interested in North Korea? "We don't know if they're necessarily true", he said.

All articles referring to a possible "Kim Jong Un visit" were not searchable, the report stated.

"To defend Kim against attack, two separate trains precede and follow the main entourage, one handling reconnaissance and the other security", South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo said of Kim Jong Il's travels.

Kim Yo Jong last left North Korea to attend the Winter Games in Pyeongchang in February, when she twice shook hands with South Korea's Moon, and passed him a personal invitation to visit Pyongyang.

Kim had met multiple Chinese Communist Party leaders, the Sankei quoted an unnamed party official as saying.

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"If we have information, we will publish it", Hua said, while adding that China was willing to work with North Korea to "continue to play a positive and constructive role in order to realise the denuclearisation of the peninsula". The meeting could be a new beginning in the strained ties between Beijing and North Korea.

Chung Seong-chang, a senior fellow at the Sejong Institute specializing in North Korea affairs, agreed that it was Kim Jong-un who made the trip, not his younger sister.

There was high security in parts of Beijing where North Korean officials are believed to be visiting. Kim's late father Kim Jong-il too used to visit China secretly.

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post said Kim was on the train that left Beijing, citing two anonymous sources. "Behind Kim's train is another carrying his bodyguards and other support personnel".

Social media was abuzz with various sightings of vehicle convoys near the train station over the course of the afternoon (Beijing is eight hours ahead of Dublin).

Internet users tried to get around the censors by resorting to nicknames for the visitor including "the obese patient" and "the fatty on the train" as well as more ambiguous terms like "the visitor from the north-east" and "the sibling next door".

On the contrary, the official said, a summit with Xi would underscore Kim's standing as a world leader.

Chinese and North Korean state-run media have had no reports of a delegation traveling to China.

If anything, the trip recalls those Kim's father, Kim Jong Il made in the 2000s, in that it used his own personal train, which moves slowly and requires a huge security detail.