Apple to introduce web-based feature to allow…

Apple to introduce web-based feature to allow…

Apple to introduce web-based feature to allow…

Once the user has updated their operating system to iOS 11.3, they can access their battery health from Settings and then Battery.

Apple is pressing its privacy-conscious ethos by adding a new icon to iOS 11, showing when the company is using your personal information across its services. The battery health menu, now added, is due to a lot of criticism that Apple faced when it was discovered that iOS has the ability to slow down peak processor performances on objective to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

With the release of the new final iOS 11.3 Firmware update, developers, researchers and other individuals in the Jailbreaking community are now develop their own Jailbreaking tool to jailbreak their iOS 11.3 devices. You can update is for free, by tapping Setting/General/Software Update on the device.

The update introduced a new battery health feature to check whether iOS device's battery needs service.

As seen in the preview, iOS 11.3 brings new Animoji for iPhone X users, as well as a couple of other new features. The new menu, which launches in beta, not only shows you how significantly your iPhone's battery has degraded since you bought it, but also lets you opt out of throttling processing power to extend longevity on a charge. iOS 11.3 also includes a number of bug fixes.

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Abraham Masri, a person who has been involved in jailbreaking of older iOS systems, discovered a "Zero-Day" vulnerability in the Beta versions of iOS 11.3. Judging by Apple's fashion, this could be the last feature update for iOS 11, as the company is expected to release the next major release of iOS in WWDC which will happen on June 4th.

There is also a new feature that has updated the Data & Privacy menu. A new feature in the Health app will let you connect to your health care provider and download encrypted medical records. A better option would be to replace the dying battery with a new one at a discounted rate. iOS 11.3 also promises new AR experiences with ARKit 1.5 which has gotten upgraded with the ability to map irregular surfaces like circular tables, in addition to vertical surfaces like walls and doors.

Earlier this year in January, Apple admitted to throttling the speed of older iPhones to avoid unexpected shutdowns that are caused due to degrading battery life.

Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right, so every Apple product is created to minimize the collection and use of your data, use on-device processing whenever possible, and provide transparency and control over your information. However, you can check it out by going to Health Health Data Health Records and searching for your medical providers.

There are now four new Animojis added to your messaging apps. Currently, users can only download their data, correct their contact info, or delete their accounts by contacting Apple Support directly.