Facebook will need 'a few years' to fix issues, Zuckerberg says

CEO Zuckerberg speaks in San Jose

CEO Zuckerberg speaks in San Jose

"The Myanmar issues have, I think, gotten a lot of focus inside the company", Zuckerberg said in an interview with Vox published on Monday.

The war of words is unlikely to end any time soon, particularly as Facebook finds itself still the subject of intense scrutiny over how it handles privacy. However, they-and the Facebook profile data from which they were constructed-were sold by Kogan to Cambridge Analytica in 2015. All in order for the social network to grow, keep customers entertained, and make more money off well-targeted ads. "The ministry of electronics & information technology, government of India, has issued a notice.to Cambridge Analytica, wherein the serious breach of propriety and misuse of data meant to profile and influence voting behaviour has been highlighted", the IT ministry had said in a statement last month.

Zuckerberg noted that the company had found at least one instance "sensational messages" being spread through Facebook in an attempt to incite violence. He did so in the hours and days that followed. You wouldn't drive a vehicle without insurance; you shouldn't operate your practice without taking care to ensure that the information your clients entrust you with is thoroughly protected.

Zuckerberg further stated that Facebook is on a mission to connect the world, which entails providing a service to those who can not afford to pay.

Zuckerberg said Facebook, like a lot of media companies, adopted an advertising model as a way to reach more people - including those who couldn't afford to pay for the service.

Mark Zukerberg, Facebook's founder, chief executive and CEO, has reportedly agreed to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

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"If you want to build a service which is not just serving rich people, then you need to have something that people can afford", Zuckerberg said. So which is it?

It's absolutely okay to offer freemium services to users, but people should always know what happens to their data, including how it's being monetized and shared.

Unlike Facebook, Apple previously has demonstrated its ability to make a strong decision when it comes to privacy.

A statement sent by a Facebook representative to a client mentions, "Coming soon a new Custom Audiences certification tool and process for any Custom Audience data imported into Facebook".

As Common Dreams reported last week, revelations that the pro-Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica harvested the personal information of 50 million Facebook users brought renewed attention to the social media giant's far-reaching and "creepy" data mining practices-which include the collection of call records, text messaging data, and online messenger conversations dating back longer than a decade.