North Carolina suing United States government over census question

Trump administration steps up war with California over environmental protections

Trump administration steps up war with California over environmental protections

The U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday sued California over a law that aims to give the state power to override the sale of federal lands, the latest battle between President Donald Trump and the nation's most populous state.

"I regret the need to file yet another lawsuit against the state of California today", Sessions said in a statement.

The complaint argues that the state law, Senate Bill 50 (SB 50), passed in October 2017, is unconstitutional because it discriminates against the U.S. and therefore violates intergovernmental immunity and the Supremacy Clause [Cornell LII material].

California's law gives the state the first right to purchase federal lands or to arrange for a specific buyer.

California Democrats welcomed the latest fight and vowed to defend the law.

Justice Department officials said California's law on federal lands drew their notice when the state's land commission began issuing letters about various, somewhat mundane transfers of federal property around military and veterans affairs facilities. We are confident that we will prevail in this case-because the facts are on our side.

"California is right to be anxious that the Trump administration may try to dispose of public land". Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio said the measure was "extreme", and Justice Department lawyers could find it in no other state.

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The federal government owns about 640 million acres of land in the USA (28 percent of all land).

The litigation marks the second time in a month that McGregor Scott, U.S. attorney for California's eastern district, has helped launch a lawsuit against the state. Some of the lawmakers have called for federal legislation that would transfer federal public lands to the state or private ownership.

Sessions has also recently reversed Obama-era guidance when it comes to prosecuting federal laws making the use or sales of marijuana a crime even though state legislatures in California, Oregon, and Washington have legalized it.

He warned that, "Whether California legislators and the governor like it or not, they must comply with the terms of their admission to the union and their oaths of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution". With this lawsuit, it is imperative that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke oppose any bill in Congress that would pave the way for the sale of national public land to states or private parties.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement that California would respond to the lawsuit. Jerry Brown, and the California State Lands Commission as defendants.

The Trump administration on Monday signaled that it will likely upend California's ability to impose stricter standards for vehicle emissions than the rest of the country. Instead, they would prevent private purchasers from recording deeds to the land unless the state was allowed the opportunity to buy the land first.