Suspected YouTube shooter identified; had posted rants about the company

Suspected YouTube shooter identified; had posted rants about the company

Suspected YouTube shooter identified; had posted rants about the company

Although it was initially reported that Aghdam attacked the office due to a "workplace or domestic" dispute, her relatives have now come forward to say that Aghdam "hated" YouTube and was "angry" after her videos were recently demonetized by the platform. The family also showed ABC News their home, which they shared with Nasim, including the area where she made her YouTube videos.

The war of words played out Wednesday, as investigators here and in the Southern California towns where Aghdam lived digged deeper into the chaotic attack.

Just hours before she shot and wounded three people at YouTube headquarters, Nasim Aghdam calmly told police who found her sleeping in her auto that she was having family problems and had left her home. He said he wasn't sure if his store - a long nondescript beige brick building next to an auto dealership, with palm trees surrounding the front entrance - had been contacted by law enforcement but said they would cooperate in any investigation. "So I called the cop again and told him she went all the way from San Diego, so she might do something", he said.

"From that age I started opposing eating meat and wearing animal skin, and what my family and other people said in order to discourage me had no effect on me because I had faith that my belief was true and that meat is not a food of compassion and kindness". According to police officials, she identified herself and calmly told officers she was having problems with her family and looking for a job.

Aghdam, who posted a mishmash of workout videos, rants against animal cruelty and vegan cooking tips on YouTube, detailed her frustrations in videos and posts on her website and social media accounts, which have since been deleted.

After the shooting, family members told reporters they were not aware she had a gun and surmised it must have been a recent purchase.

Records show her last address being in San Diego. Sharan Aghdam has stated that "they didn't do anything and she got killed and three or four more people got hurt". "It's not like she stood out", he told Mercury News. Officers ran her license plate and discovered she had been reported missing and was considered "at risk" because she had never gone missing or left home before.

"There seemed to be no kind of method or rhyme or reason to what she was doing".

Hours before officers were called to YouTube's headquarters after being informed of an armed intruder, they had spotted the assailant parked in her vehicle and sleeping in a Walmart parking lot.

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Three YouTube employees were injured at the shooting on the San Bruno before Aghdam turned the gun on herself.

Officers spent almost two hours Wednesday at the Jackson Arms Shooting Range in South San Francisco, a few miles from YouTube headquarters. It opens at 11 a.m. and is about a 10-minute drive from YouTube headquarters. In one post she says: "Internet crackdown and filtering is increasing in the West".

Zach Vorhies, 37, a senior software engineer at YouTube, said he was at his desk working on the second floor of one of the buildings on the campus when the fire alarm went off.

Nasim Aghdam, an Iranian native who was in her late 30s, posted the videos under the online name Nasime Sabz, and a website in that name decried YouTube's policies, saying the company was trying to "suppress" content creators.

She also claimed to be a "vegan bodybuilder".

Barberini added that the shooter had registered the semi-automatic handgun recovered from the scene.

How did the girl who grew up in Iran worshipping every insect become the woman who indiscriminately shot into a crowd of terrified YouTube employees who had been enjoying lunch on a sunny Silicon Valley patio?

"I know a lot of you are in shock right now,", Pichai said.