Few will say sayonara to Japan because of tax, say stakeholders

Eel is a delicacy enjoyed all over Japan

Eel is a delicacy enjoyed all over Japan

Foreign Minister's visit to Japan is China's first foreign minister for bilateral talks since 2009. China's efforts, the person said, were focused on getting Japan on board with engaging North Korea diplomatically.

Trump pulled the US out of TPP shortly after his inauguration in early 2017.

Authorities of Japan and China expressed today their worries over a possible development of a trade war, prodded by the USA protectionist strategies.

During their two-day meeting at Trump's Mar-a-Lago vacation resort starting later Tuesday local time, Abe will seek cooperation to resolve the outstanding issue of Japanese nationals abducted by North Korea decades ago.

"We expect it to be very positive", White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday of Abe's visit. Even before Trump began railing against the persistent trade deficit, the United States had complained to the WTO about Chinese actions more than about any other nation, and China has reciprocated.

But with Abe's approval rating languishing at its lowest level in years and Trump mired in controversies and crises too numerous to list, both are under pressure.

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Former State Department officials who have negotiated with North Korea under previous administrations warned that Pyongyang will present its own demands. The surprise announcement that Trump will meet with the North Korean leader was a bit of a body blow to the Abe cabinet.

Tokyo and Beijing discussed shared concerns, including the imposition of high US tariffs on imported steel, a measure that would affect Chinese and Japanese producers. It may serve as a welcome reprieve for the duo: Abe and Trump are both weathering scandals at home, with investigators and journalists poring over evidence of both leaders' alleged cronyism.

Wang also invited the top Japanese diplomat to consider participating in China's One Belt One Road network of global trade. After renegotiating a free trade deal with South Korea, the Trump administration said South Korean exporters would be largely exempt from the new steel and aluminum tariffs.

Trump threw fresh confusion into trade negotiations Thursday by instructing advisers to review the possibility of returning to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. While in Tokyo last fall, Trump seemed to chastise Abe for his economic accomplishments and noted that Japan would be buying more American weapons to help fix the deficit and provide more jobs for American workers.

Both sides insist that Trump and Abe remain close.

"It is not clear that any party is sidelining Japan as a conscious move, but they are certainly not reaching out to include it, and its priorities could get pushed down the list as a result". Those could include the lifting of economic sanctions, a formal peace treaty, pledges by the United States to ensure the Kim regime's survival and a reduction of the US military presence on the peninsula.