Sony Malaysia held a God of War Midnight Launch in Sunway Pyramid

Iconoclasts video game

Iconoclasts video game

God of War is officially and exclusively available on PS4 from the 20th of April. The game will take 44.46GB of memory on your PS4, so be sure to have space ready. If you have a PlayStation 4, you should play it. Do note that some chapter names might contain spoilers, so to avoid accidentally spoiling anything for you, we've put them on the next page.

God of War is not a series known for its emotional subtlety, but we give a small tip of that hat to this otherwise minor encounter in the PSP-exclusive God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Search for other paths, doors, and secrets areas.

Pay attention to your surroundings. It's super-refreshing in this way, and attempting the elusive 100% completion is doubly rewarding because the game-world never stops acknowledging you, or trhowing game-world and disruptive lore exposition at you. It's hard not to feel the same wave of pride positively radiating from Barlog, and it's even harder not to cry while watching his heartbreakingly genuine reaction to the game being shared with the world.

Running can be done with the L3 button while it is highly recommended to lock-on to enemies especially in 1 vs. 1 boss fights like The Stranger.

Above: It's not easy when your father is a rage-filled demigod. Yes, there are some armor sets that require lots of the same materials to upgrade each piece of equipment, and if you try and upgrade each piece simultaneously, you may end up strapped for that resource. The game has more advanced battle moves such as ability to juggle enemies, dodge, and parry with shield. Knowing which enemies are better off killing with an execution attack after you've built up some stun damage is important, and might save your life. If you are having trouble on when to use them, I suggest to upgrade Atreus' arrows or upgrade the runic attacks for Kratos. At one point you just kinda nip Cronus in the thumb with your sword.

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God of War has been out of the public eye for five years, a long hiatus that has built up a level of anticipation comparable to the latest Star Wars or this year's Avengers: Infinity War.

Critics have praised the new God of War video game as an epic masterpiece that will be up there in one of the best games, if not number one, for 2018. For all of those tangible, progression creeping rewards, I found myself drawn more by the opportunities to dig deeper into a fascinating new setting for the God of War franchise. That's good. I'm glad that Sony are holding onto some of that bombast, even as they're admitting that Kratos needs to grow up. You know when you see something, and it just looks wrong?

Above: Look! Kratos isn't yelling! Instead of relying on the fast travel system to constantly get where you need to go, go ahead and take the boat - you'd be surprised how quickly you'll get there.

Above: There's Kratos being stern again! It's fantastic how a well placed arrow will distract a monster just long enough for Kratos to gain a more advantageous position. He's a bit of a chatter bug. In the past games, the story was largely like that of any Arnold Schwarzenegger movie circa Commando - Kratos is mad, and he kills everything.