Madonna loses auction battle over Tupac's break-up letter

Madonna lost Monday a nearly year-long bid to stop an auction of intimate items

Madonna lost Monday a nearly year-long bid to stop an auction of intimate items

Last year, the singer, actress and director successfully halted an online auction containing several of her personal items - including her worn underwear, a hairbrush containing her hair, and a letter sent to the singer from late rapper Tupac, explaining why he had made a decision to break up with her.

Gotta Have Rock and Roll told the Daily News that the Madonna items would go back on auction in July this year.

"I never meant to hurt you", he added.

The singer had said she did not realize the items were no longer in her possession until she saw press coverage of the auction.

While Madonna says that some of the items are "highly confidential and embarrassing", you'd have to wonder who in their right mind would hand over such things to anyone in the first place.

Shakur also brought up an interview Madonna had given, in which she said she would "rehabilitate all the rappers and baseball players". In a lawsuit filed last August, Madonna sought return of those items, including some that had actually already been auctioned off, because they weren't covered by that initial injunction.

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Now Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits has ruled in Lutz's favor, declaring Madonna waited too long to try and reclaim the pieces of memorabilia. The judge questioned why Madonna had pursued Ms Lutz rather than her own assistants, who Madonna claimed gave her possessions to the dealer.

"It's a clear cut victory for us", Gotta Have It! auction house co-owner Ed Kosinski said.

Shakur began the letter by apologizing to Madonna, writing: "I haven't been the kind of friend I know I'm capable of being". The OG Material Girl lost a legal battle to prevent the auctioned sale of some of her intimate personal belongings, reports The New York Times.

The singer and Ms Lutz had already settled down a legal dispute over artwork auction back in 2003 and she had signed a release from "any and all" future claims against Tupac.

Madonna has yet to comment on the court decision, but Lutz's attorney, Judd Grossman, is celebrating what he's called a "complete win" for his client.