Theresa May Warned 'Do Not Try To Hide' Over Windrush Scandal

Brexit Remain protest

Brexit Remain protest

"This was covered by newspapers, and MPs bringing it forward anecdotally over the past three or four months, and I became aware that there was a potential issue".

However, Rudd did not identity the so-called hostile environment immigration policy brought in when Theresa May was home secretary, which requires people to proactively prove their status, as a specific failing.

Emphasising that those affected by the Windrush affair were in the country legally, Ms Rudd, who said she preferred the phrase "compliant environment", insisted there is "nothing wrong" in trying to remove people who were here unlawfully.

Quizzed on the issue at prime minister's questions earlier on Wednesday, May had also denied the strategy had affected the Windrush generation, saying: "The problem at the time is that they were not documented with that right, and that is what we are now putting right".

The Windrush scandal dominated proceedings in Westminster today, with Home Secretary Amber Rudd coming under more pressure to resign.

The Labour leader said: "We now know that when she took over from her predecessor, her intent was to harden this cruel and misdirected policy, pledging to do so ruthlessly".

But she admitted her department still had no idea how many migrants have been wrongly detained by immigration authorities - like the grandmother Paulette Wilson, who spent a week in detention after being told she was in Britain illegally.

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"Over the years, there have been individual cases of people who have had to regularise their documentation and have done so".

"This is an excellent move and it not only answers the questions persons have been asking but certainly delivers what we have been calling for and what Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other CARICOM heads had asked for - that there be some compensatory relief and that the citizenship to which those persons are entitled, be granted", she said.

"But for governments of every colour, including that in which the Rt Hon Lady served, action has been taken against illegal immigrants".

The Windrush generation, named after one of the first ships that arrived from Jamaica in 1948, are citizens of the United Kingdom and colonies, a type of citizenship conferred by the British Nationality Act of 1948.

In some cases, they lost out on NHS treatment, were threatened with deportation or were not allowed back into the country.

Ms Rudd apologised last week for the Windrush scandal, blaming the Home Office for "sometimes losing sight of the individual".

Under the Government's plans, thousands of people will be offered the chance to obtain British citizenship free of charge and without the requirement to take language tests.