Macron tree planted at White House disappears

Trump-Macron tree planted at White House disappears

Trump-Macron tree planted at White House disappears

The oak tree-planting ceremony was symbolic, and both leaders knew it would later be taken out and put into quarantine, an official from the French president's office said on Monday, per USA law for any living object brought into the country.

Recent photographs taken by Reuters photographer, Yuri Gripas, show a yellow spot of grass on the patch where the tree was planted.

Both Macron and Merkel held talks in Washington this week with US President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly threatened to quit the 2015 pact with Iran negotiated by his predecessor Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani told his French counterpart President Emmanuel Macron that Tehran 'will not accept any restrictions beyond its commitments'.

Speculation quickly followed. The Associated Press tweeted that a "mystery was brewing at the White House" over the missing sapling.

The tree, which was a European sessile oak imported from the site of the Battle of Belleau Wood during World War One, was given to President Donald Trump as a reminder of the "ties that bind" the two nations.

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The White House hadn't offered an explanation - but now word from Paris is the sapling is quarantined just like other plants or animals brought into US territory.

Late Sunday, the French ambassador to the US, Gerard Araud, said the tree's "disappearance" was only temporary.

Images and videos of the tree planting ceremony outside the White House went viral, spawning memes and media organizations remarking on the blooming "bromance" between Trump and Macron, as well as the close rapport between their first ladies Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron.

"The tree may be back in October", Franceinfo speculates, the BBC reported. The problem: Parasites on the tree could spread to others on the White House property.

Soon the tree which, according to officials, "feeling good", will be returned to the place.