Former Trump Doctor Says He Dictated that 'Healthiest Man Ever' Letter

Trump's Doctor Says Trump Basically Wrote That Glowing Health Letter: Report

Trump's Doctor Says Trump Basically Wrote That Glowing Health Letter: Report

Dr. Harold Bornstein, in an interview with NBC News, recalled the morning of February 3, 2017, when Trump Organization chief legal officer Alan Garten, Trump's personal bodyguard Keith Schiller, and a third "large" man "raided" his office and took lab reports and Trump's medical charts.

"The hand off, which occurred well over a year ago, was peaceful, cooperative and cordial", a representative for Garten, who Bornstein claims helped "raid" his office, said in a statement to the Daily News.

I just thought, Like patient, like doctor.

"His (Trump's) physical strength and stamina are extraordinary", he had crowed in the letter, which was released by Trump's campaign in December 2015.

Bornstein's suggestion that Trump dictated the health assessment comes at odds with his previous claims that he penned the letter in between seeing other patients. Bornstein said last August that he had written the letter in just five minutes while a limo sent by Trump waited outside. All of us keep in mind that glowing letter about then candidate trump's well being, his private physician saying he had astonishing glorious lab work and can be the healthiest particular person ever elected out with a brand new that claims Donald Trump dictated that letter. "Prior to turning over the records, Dr. Bornstein was informed of the reasons for the request and willingly complied". "As is standard operating procedure, the White House Medical Unit took possession of the president's medical records", White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters.

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Asked if the operation was a raid, she said: "No, that is not my understanding".

"I think it demands some kind of an investigation to see whether he should be chastised publicly by the medical society", Scheiner added.

Given Trump's hostile encounters with wind, it wouldn't be the first time he took extra strides to protect the image of his lush locks.

Questions have also been raised about Bornstein's disclosure in 2017 that he had prescribed hair-growth medication to Trump, which prompted a shocking raid on Bornstein's office by a White House employee and a Trump Organization lawyer. He recalled that he and his wife were driving across Central Park when Trump called him.