Labour make gains but fail to capture target councils from Tories

Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to party supporters at Sedgley Conservative Club in Dudley United Kingdom

Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to party supporters at Sedgley Conservative Club in Dudley United Kingdom

The 2018 Local Elections were held on Thursday 3rd May.

Labour had strong performances in Redbridge, Hammersmith and Fulham, Enfield and Ealing, but with three-quarters of the resulted announced, it ultimately hadn't manage to turn any non-Labour councils in London into a majority.

"Labour has won even more council seats than at our high watermark of 2014 and we are on course to secure our best results in London since 1971", he said.

The collapse of UKIP meant some gains for the Conservative Party, including Basildon and Peterborough. We gained seats in different constituencies.

Despite Labour winning more seats than all other parties combined the BBC pointed to "mixed results" for Labour, highlighting losses in safe Tory seats such as Wandsworth and Westminster. Despite intensive campaigning, Labour saw the Conservatives win back control of the London borough of Barnet, which has the largest Jewish population of any single council area.

Meanwhile, outside London, there was indeed a small swing of 1 per cent to the Conservatives. After the results of 108 councils had been declared, the party gained 94 seats within areas that voted Leave, but it lost 91 in Remain-voting areas.

She also made a stop in Barnet, telling supporters: 'People of all faiths have rejected the vile anti-Semitism which has gone unchallenged in the Labour Party for too long'.

The Labour leader claimed the local election results left Labour "well placed" to win the next general election despite the party's failure to capture key targets from the Tories.

She told party workers: "Labor thought they could take control, this was one of their top targets and they threw everything at it, but they failed".

Local elections held in parts of the United Kingdom on Thursday gave a partial indication of the growing polarisation between the classes due to deepening social inequality.

"The Conservative Party has been reminded tonight that the electorate that it now has is disproportionately a "Leave" electorate", polling expert John Curtice told the BBC.

None has returned a Labour victory - Momentum did plan to hold an Unseat event in Plymouth, where Mr Corbyn spent the morning celebrating a gain from the Tories, but it was cancelled due to spending limits.

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A Labour source has, however, denied there was ever a victory parade planned for tonight saying Mr Corbyn's plans were "always flexible".

Even in London, where Labour did pretty well, they lost council wards to the staunchly pro-Remain Liberal Democrats. "If they do, then though the Tories will be seen as Brexit's architect, Labour will be its bricklayer, and history is harsh when the house comes tumbling down", he said.

But they lost Trafford, their flagship council in the North West, to no overall control.

May's party could lose control of some of the eight London boroughs it now runs out of 32 in total. More than 4,000 seats were contested.

Corbyn successfully parked the issue at last year's general election, with Labour attracting support from people who voted Remain in 2016.

Ruling parties typically suffer losses at local elections and opinion polls had predicted a bad night in London for the Conservatives after eight years in power.

The elections are a gauge of public support for May as she faces a possible revolt in parliament over her strategy for leaving the European Union.

Despite claims that this was no extraordinary local election- nearly 4,000 people were denied the right to vote over this election's ID pilots. Despite recent scandals such as Windrush, prominent front-bench resignations, and government cuts cited as a cause of growing violence, inequality, and deprivation, yet again, the Tories seem to have walked away without facing the consequences of their actions. The Conservatives control 46 - down two.

Several councils, though, will look very different.

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