Iran may get 'strongest sanctions ever' from US

Applauding Trump correction

Applauding Trump correction

It further asked them to properly handle the disputes over the nuclear deal.

The chant "Death to America" long has been used in Iran since its 1979 Islamic Revolution. It also has been common to hear it within parliament.

However, Wednesday's demonstration shows the public anger coursing through Iran after Mr Trump's decision.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in a televised statement following Trump's announcement, said Iran would consult with European powers, Russian Federation and China in the next few weeks to determine whether it would be in its interest to remain in the deal.

Mr Trump chose to act even after the U.S. intelligence community has verified that Iran is meeting its responsibilities under the deal.

Mr Trump's decision adds to the strain on the transatlantic alliance since he took office 16 months ago. One of the main topics of Macron's trip to Russian Federation in May will be the Iran nuclear deal.

"I am calling on Iran and European allies to continue to preserve the deal in spite of President Trump's whimsical decision to attempt to sabotage it".

Several European leaders voiced disappointment over the US decision on Tuesday, while close allies to Trump, such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, cheered on the decision. France, Britain and Germany outlined possible new sanctions for Iran as a way to not only keep Trump committed to the deal, but also persuade their European Union partners to save the accord.

Earlier, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei chastised Mr Trump, while MPs set fire to a United States flag inside parliament, shouting, "Death to America!"

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"The deal is not dead".

"The best indication of the flaws of this agreement is that the President Obama couldn't bring it before the Senate as a treaty, because he knew the Senate would reject it", he said.

Major companies in the United States and Europe could be hurt, too. "I don't think they should do that", Trump told reporters during a Cabinet meeting.

Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, yesterday said China would remain "in close communication with all relevant parties" and remain committed to upholding and implementing the JCPOA with an "objective, impartial and responsible attitude".

President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the US on Tuesday.

A meeting between Iranian officials and leaders from France, Germany and the United Kingdom - the three European signatories to the deal - is due to be held next week, at which the three EU countries are expected to present a package of measures created to offset the US' sanctions, and reassure Iran that the JCPoA is still viable.

Several refiners in Asia said on Wednesday they were seeking alternatives to Iranian supplies.

"The president's announcement is nothing less than an abdication of American leadership that jeopardizes our national security, makes the world less safe, and increases the prospect of Iran developing a nuclear weapon", he said.