Double Han Solo! Harrison Ford surprises Alden Ehrenreich

Solo Premiere: How the Mysterious Star Wars Spinoff Played to Its First Audience

Solo Premiere: How the Mysterious Star Wars Spinoff Played to Its First Audience

Early reactions to "Solo: A Star Wars Story" suggest that the latest standalone entry in the "Star Wars" universe has many fans. Ford then said jokingly, "Get out of my chair!"

"I had lunch with him here in LA before we started shooting, and he said 'if anyone asks, tell them I told you everything you needed to know, and you're not allowed to say anything'". By most accounts, Ehrenreich succeeds in the prequel spinoff Solo: A Star Wars Story, and while Harrison Ford wasn't involved in the making of the film at all, he did go out of his way to surprise Ehrenreich at the film's press junket over the weekend, even seeming to give Ehrenreich's performance his seal of approval. Ford says, before outstretching his hand and embracing Ehrenreich in a hug.

On the one hand, this sounds exactly like something Harrison Ford would say about Star Wars, a property he was never that enamored about to begin with.

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"Oh my God, that is awesome", says a clearly surprised Ehrenreich.

Ehrenreich was in the midst of answering a question about what advice Ford fave him when they met for lunch before production on the upcoming film. "I went 'oh, my God". And today I was doing an interview where they were talking about is there anything else you'd like to ask him?' Ehrenreich said in a press conference Saturday. He exclaimed, "You're kidding me!" as he got up from the chair. And he's just so effusive about the movie and it meant so much to me and I know for Ron and Katherine and everyone it's just such a huge deal to have him really genuinely love it, really genuinely enjoy the film, ' he added. The snippet was posted by ET on Instagram, with the full interview expected to be released on Sunday.

Ehrenreich has drawn praise for his turn as a younger take on the space smuggler, steered by Howard from a script by longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back, The Force Awakens) and son Jonathan Kasdan.