State of Decay 2 Sets Record Pace for the Zombie Survival Series

State of Decay 2 shuffles to 1 million players less than a week after launch

State of Decay 2 shuffles to 1 million players less than a week after launch

Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing, shared the news that State of Decay 2 registered over one million players as of yesterday.

Neither Sony's PS4 or Nintendo's Switch now offer anything like the Xbox Game Pass, which offers a large downloadable library of games for a fixed price each month.

Granted, the game launched in Early Access for those who purchased the Ultimate Edition on May 18, which was a week ago. Either way, this is good news for Microsoft and hopefully, this puts to rest "Xbox has no good exclusives". To date, players have clocked over six million hours of gameplay and viewers have watched 3.5M hours of Mixer, Twitch and YouTube streams.

Within the game, players have slaughtered over 675 million zombies, thrown 6 million firecrackers and fireworks, munched on 6 million bags of snacks, read 2 million textbooks, and on average have survived for three in-game days.

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Even if the Xbox Game Pass inflates that number, that is still revenue for Microsoft. With a series of underwhelming titles before it, State of Decay 2 promised to take what people loved about the original and add in a quality co-op experience, refined mechanics, and generally supply us, the gamers, with a proper modern take on the series. Focused on improving the content is Undead Labs' number one priority, and therefore we genuinely expect to see a higher number of players.

State of Decay of 2 is available as a Standard Edition for $29.99 and the Ultimate Edition for $49.99.

Much of the community has expressed concerns about console frame rate issues and bugs.