Warner Bros. accidentally leaks Hitman 2 ahead of reveal

Warner Bros Games PS4 Play Station 4 1

Warner Bros Games PS4 Play Station 4 1

The next game by IO has been leaked on the Warner Bros. website, meaning that they will be publishing the game after Square Enix withdrew from the studio.

A new Hitman sequel is set to be revealed later this week, but its publisher has already stealth killed any chance of a surprise. Now, it looks as if the publisher is set to make an announcement soon, as Warner Bros.

Whatever the case, get into your killing mood; you'll be heading out to murder some more, 47!

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The official Hitman Twitter account released an obscure looping video yesterday which suggests there is a "target incoming" on June 7, which just so happens to be the same date as their scheduled pre-E3 reveal event.

Since 2016's Hitman reboot was brilliant, this is obviously great news, but the omission of the word "season" from that title raises questions about whether its episodic structure will return.

Hitman is a long-running franchise which has seen many ups and downs. After all, it was revealed a while back that the game managed to surpass 5 million players since its launch, with the fan base likely craving new content to sink their teeth into.