The ASUS ROG gaming phone is real, ambitious, and thoughtfully designed

Asus has a monster phone for serious mobile gamers

Asus has a monster phone for serious mobile gamers

Yu confirmed that Asus is working with developers in various countries to bring support for the ROG Phone's features. Starting with the phone itself, it features the gamery aesthetic that plagues every gaming-centric computer out there. This includes things like mice and gaming headsets, and - traditionally - flashy branding and RGB lighting. If you're anxious about thermal throttling, ASUS has taken steps to ensure that won't be happening by including vapor-chamber cooling and copper heat spreading to dissipate heat quicker than most phones. The result of this new partnership is one of the most ... It also comes with 8GB of RAM, 512GB of internal storage, and a 4,000mAh battery.

As you'd expect, the devices also offer Intel's new eighth-gen H-series Core processors, which are 45W hexa-core chips. The higher-end model takes the crown as the highest-spec'ed Android phone on the market today, beating out the previous leader, the OnePlus 6. The back has the famous ROG logo which lights up and can be customized as you wish. Asus ROG Phone will be one of the first gaming smartphones to officially launch in India. The front-facing camera is an 8-megapixel shooter.

The main camera is 12 megapixels, while the 8-megapixel camera has a 120-degree ultra wide angle.

The sides of the phone are equipped with what Asus call AirTriggers - sensors that can register the touch of a finger. This accessory will be included in the box with the phone.

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We did click a couple of images from the ROG Phone's dual rear cameras that includes a 12MP and an 8MP sensor but found to be slightly on the lower side.

That's not where the hardware features stop - the ROG Phone also includes three "AirTrigger" touch sensors, two of which are created to act as left and right triggers for gaming in landscape mode, while a third on the bottom right edge adds versatility while in portrait mode. This is extremely useful placement for a USB Type-C port, because it means you can charge your phone and use headphones while using your device in landscape mode. Asus says this reduces the wireless lag from around 100ms, down to under 20ms. Connecting to your TV is easy as well with the WiGig Dock.

The Nintendo Switch is awesome, but only because it is Nintendo. Out of all, the Aeroactive Cooler and the TwinView Dock is something mobile gamers may get their hands on first as they help in keeping the device cool and enhance the gameplay with dual screens.

With the Mobile Desktop Dock, you can exend the phone's display onto a monitor, and add mouse and keyboard support. It appears to be similar to the WiGig Dock, though wired. The bigger question is just how much demand there is for a specialized gaming phone, a segment most recently explored by Razer with its Razer Phone. This accessory is probably my personal favorite, because it gives your phone a complete second use case. ASUS dug into its huge reserve of gaming nous and came out with the ASUS ROG Phone, a gaming smartphone that intends to dwarf all mobile gaming smartphones before it. The smartphone has scored 304183 in AnTuTu and is way ahead of the Xiaomi BlackShark, Samsung Galaxy S9+, iPhone X and Razer Phone.