The carriage

The carriage "Hope always blossoms & rsquo; Honda will head the Rose Parade®

TOMODACHI, which in Japanese means "friend", was established by the governments of the United States and Japan following the disaster of 2011 to create new bonds of friendship between young Japanese a...

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60 Love Songs to Dedicate to Your Boyfriend

Sometimes we'd record songs from other cassette tapes, and sometimes we'd wait for our favorite song to play on the radio. Finding the perfect love song is not easy. You can even go old school and...

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The mysterious palm trees that walk | Coyote

It is found in the tropical forests of Central and South America, the Socratea exorrhiza develops long and resistant roots that grow out of the base of the tree, sometimes surpassing the meter of heig...

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Ulmaceae - Rainforest Plants

Description: This is one of the few families that are more diverse and important in the temperate zones than in the tropics. Ulmaceae are characterized by simple, alternate leaves with asymmetric ba...

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MORENAL PLANTS: Kalanchoe Pinnata (Yerba witch, leaf of the air, liberating) SUCULENTA MEDICINAL - Available in pot of cultivation N ° 12

Kalanchoe pinnata has been naturalized as an ornamental plant in the temperate regions of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Macaronesia, Mascarene, Galapagos, Melanesia, Polynesia and Hawaii....

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October | 2013 | Cuban Heritage Collection

Full of color; others, in black and white. Representative of different techniques and styles, but all suggestive and captivating ... Illustration by Reinaldo Alfonso for The valley of the Pájara...

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