The mysterious palm trees that walk | Coyote

It is found in the tropical forests of Central and South America, the Socratea exorrhiza develops long and resistant roots that grow out of the base of the tree, sometimes surpassing the meter of heig...

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Is Mexico prepared for the next big drought?

In particular, there is poor preservation of flora coupled with deforestation and soil erosion, which are directly related to the availability and quality of water. The National Water Commission, Cona...

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School Garden Adventures: From Mexico to Chicago: Healing Gardens:

School Garden Adventures: From Mexico to Chicago: Healing Gardens: "Plants are the reason I'm alive"

The moment you enter Viki's backyard, her passion for and knowledge of plants is apparent. Countless species of plants decorate every ledge surrounding the house and every open space in the yard. I've...

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Environments / ... Turkey and its footprints: Turkey, ... tulip and turban

The origin of the tulip is Asia Minor. The Turks met him in Anatolia and in the Ottoman era began to adorn the gardens of Istanbul. In addition, it had a religious sense because the Turkish name "...

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Where to go and what to do in Chicago and suburbs | The race

Entrance is free. Destiny of Desire The intrigue and deception feed the play 'Destiny of Desire', whose plot is based in the typical and intriguing stories o...

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Eros Femme de Versace - perfume - fragrance - goddesses - Oh my Dior

The bottle is completely golden and truly looks like the trophy of a Goddess. It seems that today we live in a world where the most important thing is to be equal to man and I do not completely ag...

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